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Instagram is one of the hottest and fastest growing social media platforms. In the start of 2017, they were at over 600 million monthly active users on the platform (according to However, only 5% of small businesses in the US use Instagram for their online marketing activities. That means, it’s not yet oversaturated and brands that are using Instagram are very likely getting noticed.

So, what is Socially Focused, LLC engagement group?


The purpose of participating in Instagram engagement groups is to get your post into the Top Posts section and gain good organic growth from there.


Socially Focused, LLC engagement group is basically group conversations within Instagram.  It's called an engagement group because everybody participating in this group is willing to like and/or comment on other members’ posts in exchange for their own posts getting liked and/or commented.

How does it work?



Our engagement group has a certain time of day when everybody drops their posts so it gets a lot of likes and comments during the first hours of posting. 


During a specific time, all members will post are called rounds. Very briefly, around usually starts 30 minutes before the actual engagement time. This is the time where everybody who wants to participate in the round drops their usernames into the conversation.

After 30 minutes, username dropping will be closed and the group admin or a chatbot will compile a list of all the users who wanted to participate. Then all the participants can take this list and start their engagement.


After engaging with all the posts, you usually have to announce that you’re finished in the group chat as well. That really depends on a specific group’s rules and how everything is technically set up.

Alternatively, groups can work asynchronously. This means that all the members can drop their posts into the group whenever they want and like or comment other members’ posts whenever they want.

An example would be a classical comment group. You open the group, give comments to the 5 (or whatever amount is agreed upon) latest posts in the conversation and drop your post into the conversation. When somebody else wants to participate, he/she simply comments on the last 5 posts and drops his/her post into the conversation. And so, it goes on and on.

Both options are good as you get real people commenting on and liking your posts. However, in order to get massive growth, it’s better if you can plan the time for higher engagement. As I said before, it’s important to get a lot of engagement in the first hour of posting.


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