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Why Should Small Business Owners Outsource Their Digital Marketing?

Large companies have the luxury of outsourcing their digital marketing efforts to marketing experts, freeing up their time to focus on the important pie of the business... increasing revenue. Fortunately, the internet allows small business owners with the same enjoyment.

Small businesses can appreciate the same privileges, on an even playing field. Using an outside agency or freelance marketing expert as your digital marketing strategist will free up critical hours every week. Hours you can use to concentrate on the core of growing your business.

For small business owners considering using an external resource to increase brand awareness, here are a few some things you need to know...

Digital marketing is more than just posting a few messages to Twitter and Facebook when you happen to feel like it - it takes times and strategic planning.

And an external digital marketing expert focuses on the more than simply posting messages:

This starts with...

Digital marketing strategy – including posting frequency, drip email campaigns, creating content, keyword research, influencer research etc;

Set-up and branding of new or existing social profiles – consistent branding and voice across all your channels are crucial.

Content marketing – helping to develop your own original images, memes, articles, blogs, and resources that can be promoted on social media.

Social media monitoring – keeping an eye out for mentions of your company and interacting with those posts.

Following relevant industry influencers or potential business customers/clients.

Sharing and commenting on third-party posts that are relevant to your brand.

Engaging in conversations with other users – be it existing or potential customers.

Social customer service – responding to questions or complaints from users.

Newsletter marketing – a round-up of your company/industry news and most popular social posts and interactions.

A good digital marketing agency/ consultant will learn (or already knows) your industry or niche and help manage your digital and social media marketing channels. This will help you attract the right kind of followers who could be potential customers or partners for your business.