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Harnessing your entrepreneurial spirit after 50!

Are you over 50 years old and faced with changing career paths? First things first, don't panic. In fact, many women have found their fortunes after reaching 50 by doing what they love.

Recently, I learned of Franny Martin, a former marketing executive who departed Corporate America just before turning 56 to pursue her passion of baking cookies.

Martin spent most of her childhood baking with her grandmother. Growing up, her father encouraged her to follow her dreams. But it wasn't until he was in the last stages of dementia, she asked herself the question that transformed her life. If this were my last day on earth, is this what I would want to be doing?

The answer was no. So Martin left her job and returned to the kitchen and founded Cookies On Call. The company delivers a dozen preservative-free cookies for less than the price of a dozen roses, and 11 years later, she is opening a second location and introducing "Fridge to Fabulous Just Bake"® dough product.

Realizing a dream and taking a life-changing step is possible only when the main ingredient is love, mixed with the premium ingredient, friends.